Wedding Fortune Cookies: Personalisation option

Our wedding quotation, traditional fortunes, wedding trivia and wedding icebreaker wedding fortune cookies have the option to personalise the message slips by printing your names and date of the wedding (or other event) on the reverse of the slips.

The text is as follows:

Line 1: Thank you for sharing this day with us
Line 2: Your names
Line 3: Date

You will be asked to enter your names and the date on the online order form when you place your order.

This personalisation option is only available for quantities of 150 and 300 wedding fortune cookies.

Please ensure that you enter your names and date correctly as we will print using these details - there is no option to change these once you have placed the order.

The delivery time for personalised wedding fortune cookies is 5-10 working days from the date you place the order.

The fortune cookies are individually foil wrapped and the personalised fortune cookies will stay fresh for 8 months.

personalised wedding fortune cookies
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Totally Personalised Wedding Fortune Cookies

The ultimate wedding fortune cookies - you write the messages to go inside and we print the message slips and bake them inside your wedding fortune cookies!

totally personalised wedding fortune cookies range