Wedding Fortune Cookies: Total Personalisation option

What's included: All of our totally personalised wedding fortune cookies contain upto 5 different messages written by yourselves and an additional message on the reverse of the slip, for example this could be your names and wedding date.

Quantity: Our personalised wedding fortune cookies are available in quantities of 150 (which is the minimum the machine can produce), 300 and 600.

Wrapper colours: One of the following colours - Gold, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Pink, Black, White, Clear

Message length: Messages should have a maximum length of around 120 characters each and are printed across 3 lines.

Printed wrappers: It is also possible to order the wedding fortune cookies with the foil wrappers printed with your names & wedding date. The range of colours which we can print on one of our wrapper colours are: black, white, red, blue, silver or gold.

How to order: Place the order online and then email us the text for your messages and your names and date (if printing the wrapper).

Email the text for the messages and the names and date (if you are printing on the wrapper) to:

Please ensure that you email us the text for the messages (and your names and date if printing the wrapper) correctly as we will print using these details - there is no option to change these once you have placed the order.

Delivery: Allow 5 - 10 working days - but we can usually turn around urgent orders quicker.

Shelf life: The fortune cookies are individually foil wrapped and the personalised fortune cookies will stay fresh for 8 months.

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